Friday, February 29, 2008

Artisan. No, Writer. Writer. No, Artisan. . .

Looking out the window with her coffee in hand,
Julia had a sudden urge to go outside.
The sun shone warmly and the dew
was evaporating right before her eyes.
Spring seemed everywhere today.
She glanced back at her computer-
work was piled up and the curser was blinking expectantly.
"Work can wait" she thought as she ran upstairs to change.
Pulling on jeans and a v-neck sweater, she glanced in the mirror.
It had been a tough winter-she had been feeling
overworked and
overwhelmed-and it was beginning to show on her face.
She needed something new to keep her feeling alive.
"This will do it" she thought as she reached for
the new dragonfly necklace she purchased on Etsy.
As she headed out the door she was lost in thought-
fingering the pendant,it symbolized a fresh start:
warmer weather, some freedom, new beginnings.
Her feet carried her out to her mailbox where she promptly
crashed into someone-"oh sorry!" she began, looking up
for the first time in
to a set of perfect teeth in a sheepish,
grinning tanned face. "No, I'm sorry," he said,
"I saw you coming and should have said something.
I'm Sean, your new Postman. Nice necklace."

This might just be a very very good spring, she mused.

Julia held up her long brown hair in a ponytail,
away from her face. “Maybe I should do something
with my hair, maybe I should cut it short”.
She let it fall. “What do you think, Harry?”
Harry, who had been gazing at her, cocked his head
and placed a paw over his nose. “Hmmm, maybe you’re right,
maybe I should leave it for now". Harry barked, relieved.
“It’s just that it’s spring-wouldn’t it be nice
to change things up for spring?
No? How ‘bout a walk then?”
Harry‘s toenails clattered across the floor
as he took off to get his leash.
She put on her favorite necklace-
a beautiful suspended copper butterfly
that she bought on Etsy,
and turned back and forth in the mirror,
admiring the way the light refracted from it.
Pulling her hair into a ponytail and securing it, she frowned.
“I wouldn’t look that bad in short hair , would I?”

Artisan handmade jewelry is prized for its uniqueness, variety and often unsurpassed beauty. Writers are able to use language to portray ideas and images, whether fiction or non-fiction.

Leanne (aka Industrial Poppy) has combined both skills so beautifully. I wait, with baited breath, to read the next chapter of Julia's life. More importantly, to view the amazing art which will portray that chapter.


Emma said...

Beautiful Dragonfly!

whimsicalpam said...

Both of the necklaces are gorgeous. Simple and unique, a perfect combination.
Very nice blog and a very well written story, I'll be back to follow up.

Three Red Hens said...

This kind of description gives such life to the jewelry. Interesting post.

Purty Girl Designs said...

wow.. lovely.. going to look at her store now....

industrialpoppy said...

Thank you for featuring me-it is my distinct honor to be spoken of so highly on your blog!
Stay tuned for more of my stories...

Helen said...

Love that dragonfly!

Jacqueline said...

That dragonfly is quite magical. It's always a treat to see them